Ted Lasso Season 2 [8/10]

Season 1 of “Ted Lasso” was a delicious confection, ideal during a pandemic. Season 2 begins in the same vein, with Richmond FC relegated and drawing match after match. Each of the many main characters morphs and bends pleasurably at the hands of yet another sinuous, intelligent plot, and the acting is just as damned spectacular. Anyone who has missed the scatty, geeky, conversational riffing of Jason Sudeikis in the role of Ted has missed something wonderful. This time round, Brendan Hunt stretches out in his brilliant Coach Beard role, including a surreal episode devoted to him. But Season 2 is not just Season 1 reprised. Partway into the season, Ted lurches off the ground with anxiety, and mental health issues crop up throughout. And a gradual darkening of the character of Nate adds another dimension. All up, the twelve episode of this season are sterling, even if the surprise factor of the first season cannot be regained. Highly recommended.

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