Swallowing the Sun by Steve Robinson [8/10]

The homespun 60s-ish cover of “Swallowing the Sun” promises folk-rock and gentle melodies, and Steve Robinson, an English folkie who has spent two decades in a US band (The Headlights) and touring with Roger McGuinn, delivers on those promises. On his aptly named Sunshine Drenchy Records, he delivers eleven ear worms of folk-rock or folk-pop , all of them instant lockdown companions. Dave Gregory, one of my heroes from XTC, adds stunning guitar on two songs, especially impressive on “Needle in the Red,” a lustrous song of despair. So many blessed associations whizzed around my sonic mind as I basked in this stellar album—Wesley Stace, late-season Jayhawks, Elliott Smith, even the Microphones—all of them smart yet eschewing fat production. Highlights include the deliriously joyful “Dizzy Love Song,” sun drenched indeed; the Beatleesque “Mr Empty Head”; and “Milk and a Dash,” straight out of my 1960s and with a memorable chorus of “memories make us, then they take us down.” Swallowing the Sun seems certain to register in my top albums of 2021.

2 Replies to “Swallowing the Sun by Steve Robinson [8/10]”

  1. Andres,
    thanks so much for the listen and the kind words; it really means a lot. Happy you liked “Dizzy Love Song”; wasn’t sure about it and almost left it off. What do I know?
    All the best mate,
    Steve R.

  2. Steve Robinson never disappoints. He was always one of my favorite Florida musicians. I have seen him live many, many times. He is such a gifted songwriter. I remember once, he did a song about a Manatee, which was quite frankly- chilling.

    I can’t wait for the new album!

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