Some Kind of Peace by Olafur Arnalds [7/10]

Old folks gravitate towards soft music, is that true? Certainly I can barely stand much heavy rock now. And ambient music, something I used to love during its genesis in the 70s and 80s, is now making a comeback on my daily listening rosters (is that a pandemic symptom?). The fifth release from Icelandic ambient-classical artist, Olafur Arnalds, “Some Kind of Peace” offers ten dreamy melanges of electronic instruments and piano/strings, some with contributed vocals. Some tunes are as welcomingly sparse as George Winston’s famed solo piano pieces. Other tracks clearly come from a well-equipped studio. Highlights include the delightful plinky electronica of “Loom,” featuring Bonobo; the lilting piano of “Spiral”; Jofridur Akadottir’s aching ephemeral, string-backed vocals on “Back to the Sky”; and the gorgeously restrained keys of “We contain multitudes.” Some Kind of Peace is a drop of radiant beauty in a savage world.

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