Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean [7/10]

Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean” uses the freedom of three episodes to dramatise the fascinating tale of a Detroit kid with a savage childhood who becomes a car industry superstar, then aims for immortality by inventing a futuristic car (the doors are unfolding wings!) that is super-light and impossibly sexy. John DeLorean is described by a number of the interviewees in this savvy, propulsive documentary as the most charismatic person ever met. Of course such a fable is only interesting when there is a Faustian dark side, and in this case DeLorean ends up building his dream car in Belfast during the Troubles, and his fall from grace is that of Icarus. Director Mike Connolly artfully employs an old documentary (with many utterly engrossing candid views of DeLorean in unguarded moments) accompanied by wonderful insights from the interviewed original documentary maker. Myth and Mogul is another boom and bust extravaganza ripped from real life, and we need to see them again and again.

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