Kill Them Cold by J M Dalgliesh [7/10]

The seventh of the Norfolk ensemble police procedural series starring Detective Inspector Tom Janssen, “Kill Them Cold” is polished and devious. J M Dalgliesh fashions his smartly paced mysteries with plain, subtle prose, and something of Norfolk’s coastal melancholy percolates the pages. Janssen himself is a smart, commanding, yet uncomplicated hero, and his associates and team make up a diverse crew. In this outing, skeletal remains of a young woman are unearthed near an archaeological dig site., and speedy investigative teamwork results in a suspect shortlist that baffles Janssen. The last third of the novel accelerates in tension and the twisty outcome culminates in a dramatic shock. Very much in the mold of the classic English mystery, Kill Them Cold entertains with a burnished glow.

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