I Slept on the Floor by Another Sky [8/10]

To me, the best rock music listening experiences revolve around the voice. That’s a generalization, certainly, but remarkable vocalists, singing on song, transform ditties into compelling songs. Thus too with Another Sky, fronted by Catrin Vincent, with a high voice tinged with a falsetto-like dark timbre. “I Slept on the Floor” is the British band’s thumping, ambitious, post-rock debut, and by the second track, with Vincent plaintively singing “Fell in love with the city as I fell out of love with you” before lovely raging guitar, you know this is special. Blistering personal and political lyrics underpin a dozen memorable songs. Whether booming in stadia or whispering over pianos, Vincent dominates but the rest of the band more than hold their own as they channel Radiohead and a dozen other grand UK bands. Standout tracks include the coruscating “Avalanche,” the catchy “Let Us Be Broken” and the pounding “Brave Face.” I Slept on the Floor has been a highlight of my 2021 listening and I eagerly await its follow-up.

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