Evermore by Taylor Swift [7/10]

Such a welcome surprise! Five months after Folklore beguiled me, now we have “Evermore,” a luscious reprise of her new softly melodic, world-weary folk rock. Evermore follows Folklore in its style, all lulling piano, percolating keyboards, trembling guitar figures, allied to her emotive soft-whispery voice and intelligent storytelling lyrics. The sure touch of Aaron Dressner at the production desk matches Swift’s songs like lock and key. Highlights among the generous fifteen tracks include the gorgeous “‘Tis the Damn Season,” on which Swift croons “it always leads to you in my hometown”; the stunning recollections of an abandoned relationship in “Coney Island” contrasts Swift’s honeyed vocals with Matt Berninger’s gravely baritone; and another super sonic collaboration with Bon Iver on the title track.

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