Bosch Season 7 [9/10]

Season 7 of “Bosch” shall be the last, we’re told. I have never followed a season for this many seasons and I remain amazed at how much I’ve enjoyed every season and indeed every episode. Perhaps there is an element of familiarity, for part of my pleasure derives from captivating by a large ensemble cast of sparky characters. Perhaps lockdown seeks comfort viewing. But no, Bosch remains ascendant for two reasons. Michael Connelly is a master of gripping plots and each season brilliantly unwinds the solution (to the extent there is one) of a crime or crimes; this is modern crime fiction at its best. And even more important is the character of Harry Bosch, the driven, explosive, professional murder detective, so wonderfully realized on the page and now improved (yes, I’ll assert that) by his portrayal by Titus Welliver. In Season 7, an apartment block fire kills four innocents, sending Bosch off on one of his most frustrating missions, while his daughter’s experience during a financial criminal’s trial provides a second terrifying adventure. If you’re a newcomer to Bosch, start at Season 1. If you’re a fan like me, savor this and join me in mourning the passing of a show that never dropped a beat.

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