A Perfect Planet [8/10]

Yet another David Attenborough naturefest, I hear you say. And yes, “A Perfect Planet” is a sumptuous visual treat, highlighting manifestations of nature so wondrous and unbelievable that they seem surreal. But this six-episode series revolves around the storyline of humans on their planet. The first four sessions cover aspects of Earth vital to all species, such as volcanoes, the sun, the incredibly complex weather, and the oceans. In each of them, towards the end Attenborough warns all of Earth’s are being disrupted by climate change. Episode Five, called Humans, is Attenborough’s plea for sanity, for action, for concern for the fate of the planet and our species upon it. Wonderfully powerful, moving statements are provided by four eminent scientists. Finally, Episode Six, titled Making a Perfect Planet, takes a look at the four-year filming experience, and somehow this provides the perfect coda. A must-watch for every one of us.

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