Undone by Raphael Bob-Waksberg & Kate Purdy [8/10]

The first noticeable aspect of the eight-part animated series “Undone” is its animation technique, somehow slightly “off” but capable of more emotion than Pixar’s perfection. It turns out this is “rotoscoping,” in which the actors perform their scenes and animators draw over them. All I can say is that it is stunning and grips ones attention. “Undone” is a science fiction tale of a disillusioned, possibly schizophrenic young woman who survives a terrible car crash and subsequently embarks on a quest to solve the mystery of her father’s death many years ago. And get this: her father now visits her in visions. The plot involves drama but also many small-scale subplots that combine into a most intriguing tale. Each short episode, around twenty minutes, works well, and the overall arc is gripping. Rosa Salazar stuns in the lead role and Bob Odenkirk does a star turn as the father. Who would have thought an animated sci-fi head trip movie would be one of 2019’s stronger offerings?

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