The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman [6/10]

A sophisticated cozy mystery that should satisfy most genre followers, “The Thursday Murder Club” follows a disparate quartet of long-in-the-tooth retirees in a bucolic English retirement village who assemble weekly to tackle, of all things, cold and not-so-cold murder cases. When murder takes place in the here and now, the four of them stumble, bumble, and sweep towards solving the case and the predictable growing mayhem. Throw in two quirky police, throw in a huge cast of quaint village residents, and The Thursday Mystery Club is a swirling, affectionate read. Osman keeps up a fast pace and is a deft stylist, adopting an intelligent, deft style redolent with dialogue and humor. Mysteries in this sub-genre can be best served short, so by the end I was ready for the end, but if you sigh with pleasure at rereading Christie, this could well be something you bask in.

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