The Mandelorian [7/10]

Set in the boondocks of the Star Wars universe, at a time that becomes established over the course of its eight episodes, “The Mandelorian” is a flagship Disney+ project that is immensely entertaining. The hero is The Mandelorian (actually one of a clan of such), a bounty hunter clad in dark shiny armour and bedecked with weapons. This is Shane meets Star Wars, and the early episodes, mostly standalone stories involving specific bounty targets, are the most satisfying. Pedro Pascal plays the lead role with a satisfying deep metallic voice. Only gradually does the overall arc of the plot, involving a baby creature, reveal itself, and how “The Mandelorian” meshes into the Star Wars story then emerges. The action scenes and the gritty flight scenes on varied planets are beautifully orchestrated. I savored the “slow plot” development of the Mandelorian’s character. All is not perfect. The old-style orchestral soundtrack, while consistent with the Star Wars music I recall (I’m a much lapsed ex-fan) is irritatingly shallow. And the more complicated plot over the second half of the series loses some momentum. But if you love the Western cowboy ethos on screen, “The Mandelorian” will delight.

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