The Capture by Ben Chanan [7/10]

For some reason the British excel at conspiracy thrillers and “The Capture,” a six-part series written and directed by Ben Chasan, is as devious and troubling as any. When a British soldier (played convincingly by Callum Turner), recently released from prison after a sensational trial, finds himself framed for a kidnapping that plays out on CCTV footage, an ambitious, smart policewoman (a terrific performance from Holliday Grainger) sets out to track him down, only to discover all is not as it seems. I found the second episode flat but from then on, the plot roars with twists of flamboyant outrageousness. Like the darkest thrillers of the 1970s and 1980s, the murky reality is revealed, time and time again, to mask further complexity and horror. For a plot-driven movie, the directing and cinematography are razor sharp, and all the supporting actors never put a foot wrong. “The Capture” might not, in the end, have you worried about the world (the plot is way over the top) but it captures a paranoid mood we all sense today. You will definitely ache to binge this one.

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