Ten Minute Author by Kevin Partner [6/10]

For authors only, but any author, newbie or tyro, should zip through Kevin Partner’s “Ten Minute Author: Writers write. Authors Finish. How to Write Your Novel or Non-fiction Book One Step at a Time” for a shot of motivational education. The book presents a simple, almost ridiculously simple, precept that can fire up a regular writing habit, which, as Partner rightfully proposes, is the key to writing improvement and writing success. But it’s not the idea itself that powers this book, for successful authors have been trumpeting “bum glue” for years. The book’s strength is its author’s robust, engaging, cozy style. Even the most skeptical curmudgeon would find Partner persuasive, at least to the point of giving the notion twenty-eight days’ trial as recommended. Kevin Partner has the runs on the board, he’s like your best friend giving you the writing skinny in a pub, and you, yes you, should listen to him! Ten Minute Author indeed.

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