On Fire by Naomi Klein [7/10]

Naomi Klein writes like an avenging angel, with incandescent courage yet in clear prose, so her “On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal” is a welcome combo polemic and analysis on that most important topic, how the United States should (no, must) brings its emission fast towards zero. A collection of essays and talks and think pieces from as long ago as 2010, with the Green New Deal material expanded, the book could have been a disjointed mess. Instead, it’s a revisited refrain of her core ideas about the need for radical change. As with most fiery outpourings, there’s quite some stuff for me to disagree with (I’m a believer in capitalism with a human face, for example), but Klein’s excoriation of the evildoers of the world (yes, you fossil fuel apparatchiks, I’m looking at you) was a balm to this troubled soul. With this year’s American election looming, “On Fire” is recommended as briefing and call to action both.

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