Marigold by Pinegrove [7/10]

Pinegrove, a band of jangly, rough-edged indie songs of wordy introspection, centered on writer/vocalist Evan Stephens Hall and nifty drummer Zack Levine, hits number four with “Marigold.” A lovely outing with swirling mixtures of grit and subtlety, the album provides a cohesive whole of familiar-sounding-yet-fresh songs dealing with private lives. It takes a few listens for the persuasive melodies of the songs to penetrate and then they stick like radio hits. There’s nothing tremendously adventurous here, just a directness that penetrates. Highlights include “Dotted Line,” the album’s opening, a juddering, intricate ode to optimism; the delicate country pickings at the end of rambunctious “Moment”; and the long, filigreed instrumental closer, the title track.

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