Killing Eve Season 3 [8/10]

Is it really only the third season of “Killing Eve“? We’ve seen so much glossy, extravagant carnage and imaginative plotting in this classic story of female spy chasing female psychopath, both of them precariously attracted to each other, across a glittering global stage! Season 2 was a savage delight but seemed to totter occasionally, the writers unclear on how to knit together the duo’s path through a world of conspiracy and double-crossing. Would Season 3 lose the plot brilliance that distinguished the first two season? Well, there is no need to worry: Season 3 is just as much an unremitting rollercoaster as the first two. Inevitably the “grand scheme” plot is inching towards parody but the game between Eve Palastri (Sandra Oh keeps triumphing in this role, never missing a beat) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer wonderfully deepening the characterization) is sure-footed. Yet it’s the supporting characters that hold the tale intact. A new handler of assassins, Dasha, played with brio by Harriet Walter, freshens up the regulars, including the superbly prim but deceiving spymeister Carolyn (Fiona Shaw always commands attention) and my favorite, the burly humorist Konstantin (Kim Bodnia never wastes a scene). The locales are extravagantly filmed and colored, the dialogue snaps like a mousetrap, and direction of the Villanelle action scenes remains a highlight. What a delight.

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