Hear No Evil by J M Dalgliesh [8/10]

Hear No Evil” is the fifth in the Hidden Norfolk mystery series, and it’s the best one yet, a cracker. When a respected local man dies in a ghastly public scene, redoubtable Detective-Inspector Tom Janssen has to peel off layers and layers of deception amongst a tightly knit cadre of ex-military men. Janssen is one of the new breed of heroes of procedurals, upstanding and devoid of tics and vices, but from the very first book in the series, he has been quietly impressive of mind and intuition. Hear No Evil showcases Janssen at his best: relentless, rapier sharp, and resourceful. Add in his fellow police detectives, an appealing mix of individuals, and J M Dalgliesh serves up a classic crime fiction treat. The pacing is superb, the Norfolk settings wonderfully drawn, and the prose is tidy and sharp. A highly recommended stamp for this one and may the next follow swiftly.

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