For Small Creatures Such As We by Sasha Sagan [5/10]

The daughter of revered astronomer Carl Sagan and the equally wise Ann Druyan, Sasha Sagan is fascinated by faith, rituals, and celebrations. “For Small Creatures Such As We: Rituals and Reflections for Finding Wonder” weaves her explorations into tales of learning from such deep-thinking parents, and her own life. If you are fascinated by different religions, for example, this book should sate you, for Sasha Sagan dives into many faiths, teasing out what best to take from them, even though she, like her parents, is an atheist. She muses about the seasons of the year, about key events in life, about the underpinnings of traditional celebrations. Writing in a deft, personal style, she is a guide for those of us searching for … for what? When I closed the final page, I felt regret that I took nothing away from “For Such Small Creatures Such As We,” perhaps because my atheism is more corrosive than hers, but your reading experience may well be richer. Recommended for those fishing for meaning.

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