Enola Holmes [3/10]

Netflix knows how to market the heck out of movies. Its trailers work. “Enola Holmes,” being the conceit of Sherlock Holmes’s perky young sister at loose in a scary world, is portrayed as a fresh addition to the Holmes canon, another example of deductive thinking in operation in nineteenth century England. But I should have checked before watching. The underlying novel is YA and from the opening frame, it is clear that this is a dumbed-down kids’ flick. Millie Boobie Brown does a serviceable job in the title role but her character is an excessively disarming lightweight whose few attempts at Holmesian deduction are nonsensically silly. Enola’s brothers Mycroft and Sherlock are portrayed as enemy and reluctant ally, but are played by actors with no flair or depth. The storyline is puerile and without sensible progression or surprise. I can say that the English cinematography is suitably lush. All in all, Enola Holmes is a waste of time.

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