Connected by Latif Nasser [7/10]

Latif Nasser, a Ph.D. who has carved out a career of wide-eyed wonder in a radio show, now showcases his brand of science explication in the six-part “Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything.” The show bears his signature throughout, riffing on conceptual connectedness between subjects rarely linked. The most fascinating episode tracks dust from the vast Saharan Desert tracts across different parts of the globe. Another episode exults in clouds, both atmospheric and the Internet’s figurative version. The one topic I’m familiar with, nuclear explosions, makes interesting points but with less surety. As a host, Nasser is perennially “wow,” a whippet-thin bundle of energized curiosity, which is both the show’s strength and, sometimes, its sole source of tedium; I found him as fascinating as the arc of his mind. For science geeks and ordinary folks alike, Connected is recommended.

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