Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? by Deerhunter [6/10]

Bradford Cox, the frontman of Atlantan band Deerhunter, is a wilful contrarian and each album needs to be addressed afresh. His output is certainly interesting and can be inspired. “Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?” is another mishmash of so many different styles, there’s never a sense of cohesion. Opener “Death in Midsummer” is an incredibly catchy but odd mix of chinky guitar, harpsichord and Cox’s increasingly impassioned paean to blue collar workers. “No One’s Sleeping” intersperses Cox singing in a British accent about “the great beyond” and rambunctious guitars; it’s lovely. A couple of other tracks, with varying sounds, are fine, but then we get the daffy instrumentals, the vocoder vocals, and the instrumentals, none with heft or logic. A mixed bag, this one, but worth a look-see.

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