Top End Wedding [6/10]

A romantic comedy sprawled across eye candy tourist sites in the Northern Territory promises at the very least to refresh the eye, and Wayne Blair, the director of “Top End Wedding” delivers with some airy, delightful road trip scenes. A feature co-written by Joshua Tyler and Miranda Tapsell, who also stars as the prospective bride trying to track down her walkabout mother, this straightforward film mucks the viewer around a bit, confusing drama with comedy and vice versa, but in the end delivers a breezy feelgood tale. Gwilym Lee brings fresh-faced brio to his role as the quippy fiancĂ© and the other supporting roles work fine. If the plot lags and can feel prosaic, I did enjoy the way the indigenous family and cultural aspects were treated with respect. And yes, I laughed in a couple of spot, and that’s ample for modern rom-com. Simple but not quite simplistic, “Top End Wedding” is perky froth.

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