Showdown by Kevin Partner & Mike Kraus [7/10]

We’re used to binge watching but I’ve managed, sort of, to also binge read occasionally, most notably recently with the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series of The Long Night by Kevin Partner and Mike Kraus. The first three books represented a classy, steady accretion of story, and I dubbed the next two instalments as “a heady brew.” “Showdown” presents the rousing finale, with our three main protagonists finally united and, together with a hefty roster of fighters, engaged in a final fight over the fate of this post-apocalyptic United States against the seemingly unstoppable Lee Corporation. The authors are as adept at staging the micro skirmishes as the they are with the now inevitable full combat scenes. If I was able to roughly posit the mechanism of closure, that did not spoil my enjoyment in the slightest. The almost-end of the world has never been so enjoyable.

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