Mr Inbetween Season 2 Episode 1 [5/10]

Scott Ryan is a grinning, glowering Aussie presence in “Mr Inbetween,” a low-key riff on the by-now ancient story of the professional criminal living his life in ordinary society. Ryan plays Ray Shoesmith, a thug for hire, a hitman at worst. In this first episode, an amusing first scene in a boxing school segues to domesticity – girlfriend, daughter, and so on – before drama with two low lifers hits us sharp and gritty. Nash Edgerton’s direction is sure-footed but my first encounter with this highly regarded series left me nonplussed. I’m intrigued enough to continue but I must say that the script, co-written by Ryan, skirts at the edge of nonchalance. Here’s hoping the next few episodes rev up…

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