Keep Going by Austin Kleon [8/10]

For creatives and more so for those yearning to create, Austin Kleon is special. A visual artist whose niche of “blackout art” – newspaper/magazine pages blacked out except for nifty phrases or sentences – was a hit, Kleon nailed the essence of creative craft in “Steal Like an Artist,” nailed the need to get your stuff out there in “Show Your Work,” and now has “Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad” out for that same audience. It’s as good as the first two corkers. Ten beguiling chapters, presented in attractive textual or visual formats, help to maintain the commitment of both seasoned creators and aspirants. On top of standard advice like “every day is groundhog day,” consider motes such as “build a bliss station” and “slay the art monsters.” It’s standout brilliant and I’ll be buying copies to give away, just like I did with the other two.

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