Daredevil Season 3 Episode 1 (“run” by Erik Oleson) [6/10]

The last Thor movie broke me. No more superhero movie debacles for me, I swore. Well, something about “Daredevil,” in its third incarnation, intrigued me and I’ve begun to check it out. I never used to read the Daredevil comics, nor did I watch the first two seasons, so I wondered if I’d be baffled. Not at all. The first episode establishes in leisurely fashion the renewed premise of a blind man with other superhero senses, battling evil in New York (where else?). Only this time he emerges with nearly all his senses crushed out of him, recuperating in a catholic orphanage. The mood and coloring are somber and the cinematography lovely in that comic-strip fashion that works best. Nonetheless, I have to say the plot is glacial. Normally, if I encounter a first episode that is all setup, with only a bare hint of ratcheting tension pushing into Episode 2, I’d fault the screenwriting and halt my viewing. In fact, I almost got to that point, and I haven’t rated this first episode highly, but something about the foundational elements in the very final five minutes have piqued my filmic antennae. I shall forge on.

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