Cardinal Series 3 Episode 1 [9/10]

As with the second series, the third series of “Cardinal” kicks off with a simmer rather than boil, but my deep immersion in the first two seasons allows me to luxuriate in the ominous set-up sequencing. Based on the wonderful Giles Blunt thriller series set in the small northern Canadian town of Algonquin Bay, “Cardinal” terrifies yet offers redemption through the dogged, sometimes inspired, pursuit of killers by detectives John Cardinal (masterfully portrayed by Billy Campbell) and Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse’s understated acting grows in stature with each episode). Season 3 begins grimly, with the terrible suicide scene from the closer of Season 2, with a laundromat suicide threat, with seemingly unrelated ATM muggings. A young woman on a tryst witnesses a horrendous murder. Great music, wonderful filming, and a ratcheting plot all build up to what promises to be another stellar season.

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