Bosch Season 5 Episode 1 [8/10]

That “Bosch,” a straightforward LA police procedural series has prospered into a fifth season is due not only to our appetite for such series but the brilliance of the underlying Michael Connelly books; stellar, tight scriptwriting; and the depth and verisimilitude of Titus Welliver’s starring role as Harry Bosch, our coiled seeker of justice for those murdered. Add a large and spot-on ensemble supporting cast, the cinematographic portrayal of Los Angeles as its own character, and a brain-capturing theme song, and one can see it heading into double digit seasons. The first episode of Season 5 opens with a fraught long scene of Bosch undercover, then we’re tossed back into the swirling minutiae of arising cases and situations: a pill robbery gone bad; the possibility of a Bosch-jailed killer gaining freedom and no doubt revenge; internship at the police station of Maddie, Bosch’s daughter; and even the aging of two ornery detectives. After the traumas of Season 4, I expected a drop in quality, but based on this first episode, we are in for another tense, engrossing ride.

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