Black Earth Rising directed & written by Hugo Blick, Episodes 2 to 4 [7/10]

Black Earth Rising” is a rare thriller, one set in the world of courts of justice after genocide, in this case the horrific Rwandan one in 1994. Episode 1 was a humdinger and I raced through the first half of the series, thoroughly enjoying the weaving plot, the spot-on acting performances (Michaela Coel rises even further in my estimation in the lead role of Kate Ashby), and the slick direction from Hugo Blick. A stunning plot twist at the start of Episode 2 upends the entire story, then lawyer Michael Ennis (with John Goodman warming to the role) using Kate to help with a case. I sensed a slightly confused hiatus about mid-point but that won’t stop me rushing on to the final four episodes. Recommended.

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