Berlin Station Season 3 Episodes 6-10 [9/10]

The final half of “Berlin Station Season 3” is a careening, uber-tense rollercoaster, as the American spies battle to keep Estonia from falling into the arms of a Russian overlord. Plot twists occur almost every five minutes and one of them in particular had me leaping from my chair. If I could have, I would have binge-watched it in one four-hour sitting, but the Australian release of episodes was drawn out. I’ve said as much as I need to in previous reviews of Season 3 about the brilliant acting and precision cinematography; suffice it to say that the quality never slackens off, which is remarkable after three full seasons. Episode 9 was as exciting as any action movie I’ve watched in recent years. If Episode 10, which needed to wrap up all the intricate strands convincingly, ends up being, like Episode 1, a little bit like a jigsaw puzzle, I’m sure no Berlin Station or Olen Steinhauer fan will complain. Bring on Season 4… please!

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