Barry Season 2 Episode 1 [7/10]

Barry” smacked of Dexter-lite from the outset but it has carved out a following because in this case, Barry, the hitman with a life, is idiosyncratically portrayed by Bill Hader with such verve that you overlook the fundamental plot clich├ęs. And other core characters, such as Noho Hank (a glowing performance by Anthony Carrigan), glow just as brightly. In Episode 1 of the series’ second season, the chaos of Barry’s fledgling acting career spirals out of control when he is forced to direct a show, just as gangster machinations spur Noho to reel Barry into further wet work. The script unravels tightly. I did not watch Season 1 but there was plenty enough in this Season 2 opener to seduce me onwards.

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