Bosch Season 4 Episodes 6-10 [9/10]

The final half of the fourth “Bosch” season blasts onwards from the high drama of Episodes 4 and 5, with Bosch closing in on the murderer of a controversial African-American defense lawyer, while also tracking down killers much closer to home and digging into his own past. Titus Welliver inhabits the role of Bosch and here he reaches a new level of acting veracity. All the cogs of the intricate main plot, all the many support actors, all the subplots, all of these mesh into a satisfying, glorious whole. The highs and lows of LA are depicted grittily. I sank into the fascinating intricacies of evidence and clues and frame-ups. No need to hesitate, folks. Even if Bosch Seasons 1 to 3 passed you by, Season 4 is a 2018 highlight!

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