Priscilla by Sofia Coppola [3/10]

Anything by Sofia Coppola is well worth watching … at least that was the dictum before Priscilla. A tale of Elvis Presley’s ultra young bride, told from her viewpoint, the movie portrays a one-sided relationship from its commencement at a German army base, a relationship that continues without logic until Priscilla walks out on Elvis in decline. A story of much intrinsic interest, yet this treatment fails on every count. The two key actors are badly cast and neither evokes any emotion; not that they could, the script being stilted and episodic. The cinematography is featureless and the sound is muddy. After a dull cinema experience, I could not recall a single effective scene. The only bright feature is the careful 60s and 70s scene setting. Overall, Priscilla is an execrable non-event.

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