Dune: Part Two by Denis Villeneuve [10/10]

When Part 1 of Dune came out two years ago, my review praised its visuals and acting, but I did not elevate it to greatness (greatness, that is, according to me, an arrogance that seems ridiculous in the writing), probably because it felt a bit like a hymn sung to fans of the original Frank Herbert books. Well, Dune: Part Two vaults Part One into the stratosphere. While book or first instalment familiarity would certainly help, I feel certain that anyone with even a skerrick of science fiction sensibility would be able to run with Part Two and swoon. Denis Villeneuve has nailed the original book, has cut its complex, world-building plot down to its thematic and core essentials, and has crafted a plotline that manages to both never miss a beat and to dwell on the grandeur of the bleak sandy Arrakis world with its omnipresent giant sandworms. The movie accelerates from the exploits of fugitive rebels into a planetary battle; the war scenes immerse and astound. Timothée Chalamet, playing Paul Atreides, minor heir turning into ruler, builds on his superb first-film performance, but there are many standout portrayals, especially from Rebecca Ferguson as Paul’s mother and Austin Butler as Paul’s ultra-creepy, psychotic counterpart. Hans Zimmer’s sweeping score rounds out a cinematic experience rarely experienced. In some ways, I hope Dune; Part Two concludes this franchise; a third part could hardly match it.

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