The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 [9/10]

The first season of “The Lincoln Lawyer” felt very different to both the splendid Michael Connelly novel from which it sprang and the Matthew-McConaughey-starring 2011 movie, but it proved to be a sparkling example of the legal thriller genre (see my review). Second seasons often slump but from the opening, sprightly scenes, Season 2 is terrific fun. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo again revels in a great role and he is utterly captivating, buoyed by a fine supporting cast. The various stories, short-term and longer-term, enmeshing Mickey Haller, the self-styled best defense lawyer in LA, all work well. The cinematography portrays the city as a character, the dialogue sizzles, the script is taut, and the direction is tight. All up, Season 2 is a jaunty, involving crime series. We all hope for a third season.

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