Bad Sisters Season 1 [8/10]

A pitch-black yet comedic revenge tale for women would not normally even come up on my radar but my wife was entranced by Bad Sisters, persuaded me, and rewatched it with me. Co-written by wonderful Irish actor Sharon Horgan, it dramatises the efforts of five close sisters to get rid of one of their husbands. The narrative switches between their bumbling killing attempts and a later investigation by two insurance adjusters (wonderfully played by Bryan Gleeson and Daryl McCormack). The script zings and the direction of the ten episodes is perfectly controlled and paced, with atmospheric cinematography in the Irish seaside country. Horgan herself is stellar as the sister elder, but the other four sisters are brilliantly portrayed by Eve Hewson, Sarah Greene, Anne-Marie Duff, and Eva Birthistle. Dark and hilarious and super-smart, Bad Sisters is a wonderful hybrid thriller.

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