The Lincoln Lawyer by David E. Kelley & Ted Humphrey [9/10]

Following in the tracks of Matthew McConaughey, who starred in the 2011 filmic version of Michael Connelly’s brilliant courtroom thriller The Lincoln Lawyer, is a titanic ask. Manuel Garcio-Rulfo plays the lead role in the new series “The Lincoln Lawyer” in a very different manner, but I find him as compelling as McConaughey, and perhaps more suited to portraying Mickey Haller, an L.A. defense lawyer who maintains an office in a car (sometimes a stunning blue Lincoln, oftentimes more office-like cars). In the first of Haller’s adventures, Haller, trying to claw back his career, finds himself defending a rich software developer accused of murdering his wife and her lover. That plot primer vastly understates the serpentine, many-armed plot that Haller finds himself engaged in, with the help of his PI Cisco (played wonderfully by Angus Sampson, who always excels) and his two ex-wives. Each of the ten fulsome episodes is a delight to become immersed in, the courtroom scenes compel, and the devilishly clever (if a trifle outrageous) plot grips the viewer. The Lincoln Lawyer is a perfect example of the courtroom drama, may there be further seasons galore!

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