What Color Is Night? by Grant Snider [8/10]

Who doesn’t adore reading aloud to children or (in my case at this time of my life) grandchildren? But I don’t usually consider them “worthy” of a formal review. “What Color Is Night?” is a sparkling exception. I was drawn to purchasing this slim paean to the intricacies of night-time scenes by Grant Snider’s exemplary cartoons, and I bought it as an ebook designed to be read as an ebook to one of my grandsons. Each page is a rich, clear evocation of our world beyond the day, and the book’s title is indeed the topic of every such scene. Something deep imbues the unexpected colors of night time, something that has compelled me to read aloud “What Color Is Night?” again and again, and to bring it to mind every time the sun does down on my adult world. This is a child’s book but oh no, it is not. Wonderful.

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