The Reversing Tide by Frank Kennedy [9/10]

There is so much space opera sci-fi out there but few authors can sweep you away like Asimov, for example, once did. Frank Kennedy is three books into his “The Impossible Future” series and “The Reversing Tide” doesn’t just sweep you away, it pummels you and spooks your mind and so much more. If the first two books were fast-moving, “The Impossible Future” is a rocket and you’ll need barely a day or two of engrossed reading to relish the latest high-concept thrills and spills as Samantha, part of the Collectorate nobility, and her lover Michael, irreverent loose cannon, battle the seemingly implacable rise of their former friend James, infused with the power of one of the Jewels. The action scenes are knock-me-down, the dialogue is sharp, the vast Collectorate world is astonishing, and Kennedy is a superb stylist. I particularly enjoyed the twisty, treacherous politics, on a par with the machinations in the novels of John Scalzi. Highly recommended.

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