Money Heist Season 3 Episode 1 [8/10]

Money Heist Season 3” represents a bet on plotting imagination, for who could possibly match the sheer exuberance of the underlying plot of the first two seasons, the takeover of the Spanish mint? Episode 1, then, is a test: can it make the cut or will it straightaway fizzle? Well, the news is good. We kick off the action with snippets of the triumphant band at their various celebratory hideaways in nooks and crannies of the world, then bang: Rio (still played superbly by Miguel Herran), after a lapse of judgment, falls into the hands of the thuggish cops, and Tokio (another wow from Ursula Corbero) tracks down the Professor, played with incandescent cool by Alvaro Morte, for help. Soon enough, the band of thieves is reunited, with some new, interesting-looking thieves, and assembled for another grand coup attempt back in Spain. The first episode is all setup but it’s done with great verve, narrative flair (dodging back in time as needs be) and humor. There’s no reason to suppose the next seven episodes won’t be any less spectacular and intelligent than the earlier seasons.

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