Daredevil Season 3 Episodes 7-13 (“run” by Erik Oleson) [5/10]

Can a superhero tale survive thirteen hours of telling? It’s taken me ages to work my way through the thirteen episodes of “Daredevil Season 3“, and my very language gives me away: no, this series did not compel me onwards, although it does contain some fine moments. Some time ago, I took a look at the first half of the season, judging the opening episode as slow but appreciating the core strengths of the show over the next five episodes. While those plusses – terrific fight scenes, good performances in support roles, atmospheric filming – mostly stayed strong over the final seven episodes, some essential elements left the show. Charlie Cox never convinced me as Daredevil Matt and much-vaunted Vincent D’Onofrio hammed the role of villain Fisk. Perhaps if they’d wound up the plot a bit, collapsing thirteen episodes into six, say, the season could have retained vigor, but not even the rousing climactic episode enlivened the eventual torpor. And the religious overlay sank the boat, in my opinion. All up, nice try but a barely passable almost-flop.

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