Bosch Season 4 Episodes 2-5 [9/10]

I’m reviewing TV series in three tranches, namely whether to watch the first episode, then the first half of the season, then the final half. I think this mirrors how we approach a series. I rated Bosch Season 4‘s first episode as masterful but somehow lacking drama, and when I watched the next four episodes, this impression at first gained ground. Put simply, the many characters walked through their roles in a most complex intertwined plot, with much happening beyond the “Angel’s Flight” murder of an anti-cop defendant. There was nothing at all to complain about: the series’ maestros keep a logical grip on the plot, Titus Welliver inhabits the Bosch role (if also a little cockily over the first few episodes) and the supporting cast remains strong, the locales are very “Michael Connelly’s LA,” and the sense of intrigue remains high. Yet, yet, yet, I could not help feeling the “loose cannon” terrifying pulse of Connelly (and the first three TV seasons) was missing). Fortunately, in Episode 4, the season roars into life and we see that the first three episodes were all setup. No plot spoilers but a careening plot twist sends the entire story into dramatic freefall. Suddenly Welliver taps the deepest darkest heart of Harry Bosch and the other actors amp up, with Madison Lintz, playing Bosch’s daughter, simply brilliant. My heart was in my mouth over both Episode 4 and 5 and man, I simply cannot wait to see the final half. What a triumph the Bosch series is!

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