Review: TV series Bodyguard (from Jed Mercurio) Episode 1 [5/10]

An early reputation as a classic high-wire British thriller drew me to the first episode of “Bodyguard.” The first long kinetic sequence, introducing us to bodyguard David Budd, riven by his Afghanistan military experience, thrilled me, and there is so much to like about the setup – Budd is assigned to protect ultra aggressive Home Secretary Julia Montague – and the atmospherics (the music, the stylish cinematography), and the scene mechanics. Richard Madden is stalwart as the simmering but professional Budd, and Keeley Hawes is sufficiently icy as Montague, but neither stuns in this initial episode, and the other bit parts seem rather humdrum. Worst of all, the episode ends without a climax, often a no-no for series’ launches. Summing up, I’m intrigued enough to watch onward but hey, Episode One is no narrative blitz.

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